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WINDEX - The Leading Sailboat Wind Direction Indicator Since 1964

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The WINDEX Wind Direction Indicator is an indispensible tool for sailors of all levels since it allows instant and accurate wind information at all points of sail.

The WINDEX is a Swedish invention from 1964 that is currently sold in more than 40 countries across five continents. In total more than 1,500,000 WINDEX Wind Direction Indicators have been sold over the last 45 years.

The different WINDEX models are found at the top of masts on every type of sailboat from Americas Cup boats to racing dinghies, and everything in between. It is one of the most well known and recognized yachting products. The inventive and superior design of the WINDEX Wind Direction Indicator has allowed it to stay virtually unchanged for more than 40 years.

All manufacturing, design and distribution to our WINDEX agents is done in Sweden. Davis Instruments is our sole distributor of the WINDEX Wind Direction Indicator range for the Continental United States.

The WINDEX Models

There are currently four different WINDEX models, all of them designed to suit different sizes of sailboats:

WINDEXL - This relatively new addition to the WINDEX product range has come about due to an increasing demand from larger yachts. The WINDEXL model is recommended for masts 17-30 meters (55 to 100 feet).



WINDEX 15 - The mainstay of the WINDEX range. This was the original size and it the best selling model that has delivered precise information to sailors all over the world for 45 years. This is the recommended WINDEX model for any yacht with a mast height up to approximately 17 meters.



WINDEX 10 - This model is a smaller version of the WINDEX 15 and is recommended for keelboats with masts up to 8-9 meters (approximately 25-30 feet).



WINDEX Dinghy - WINDEX Dinghy is the smallest model in the WINDEX range and has been specially designed for sailing dinghies.



WINDEX is registered trademark owned by WINDEX Development AB in Sweden and is protected in several countries including Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, France, United States, China and others.